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As surprising as it may seem, it is possible to change the color of your eyes thanks to keratopigmentation.

It is a painless operation that many patients undergo all over the world.

Keratopigmentation or tattooing of the cornea was invented by a French ophthalmologist surgeon. It was used by the ancient Romans and Egyptians to hide eye scars. Most patients receive treatment to change the aesthetic appearance of their eyes. Others receive treatment for optical purposes, such as to reduce circumstantial glare in the iris. Corneal opacities are the main reason for getting a cosmetic tattoo.

Keratopigmentation Turkey : how much does it cost ?

The price keratopigmentation Turkey is interesting.

Ask for a free online quote to get the cost of this technique or contact us by phone for more information about this method which is more and more common nowadays.

Before keratopigmentation

Before keratopigmentation Turkey, you must have a preoperative consultation with your ophthalmologist so as to diagnose your case and tell you whether you can undergo it or not.

You must tell him/her about you medical history (whether you suffer from certain diseases, allergies, eye allergies, if you are taking medications…)

Some examinations must be performed before this technique.

How is it performed ?

Keratopigmentation consists of creating a tunnel in the cornea using a laser and injecting a dye, a biological ink. The operation lasts approximately 45 minutes for both eyes and does not require hospitalization since it is performed on an outpatient basis.

It is performed under local anaesthesia through the instillation of an anesthetic eye drop. The procedure is therefore completely painless. The patient can resume his or her activities and work the next day.

Only the FemtoSecond VisuMax Zeiss laser, used since 2007 in the correction of myopia can be used to create the micro-tunnel and its two access ports in a 100% automated way to introduce the pigment. The technique called FLAAK (Femto Laser Aesthetic Annular Keratopigmentation) is one of the safest ones.

It optimizes patient safety and comfort. This method is minimally invasive and limits the risk of intraocular complications because it only involves the surface of the eye.

Is it painful ?

The operation is not painful because the patient is anesthetized.

After the operation, the surgeon prescribes painkillers to the patient to relieve postoperative pain.

Is it really effective ?

The change in eye color is visible immediately after keratopigmentation Turkey. The final result is obtained after several weeks. During this period, a natural phenomenon of resorption gives a “patina” effect to the pigment. The result becomes more and more natural with time. And if the intensity or color of the pigment fades, a “touch-up” is then possible to restore the radiance. In some cases, keratopigmentation using the FLAAK technique can be reversible and allows you to regain your initial eye color, this should be discussed with your surgeon.

What are the steps to take if I want to change my eye color ?

To benefit from the FLAAK keratopigmentation technique, a thorough assessment is mandatory to ensure your eligibility. A simulation is also performed to guide you in choosing your new eye color. The range of colors that are offered is composed of blues, greens and hazelnuts with different intensities and shades according to your wishes. From Sahara, to Amazon Green or a deep Pacific Blue, the results of this procedure are spectacular and fulfill the patients’ desires.

The advantages of keratopigmentation Turkey

The advantages of keratopigmentation Turkey are undeniable :

Corneal incision (therefore superficial, compared to the location of the iris), non perforating, booklet style.

Manual dissection (Creshent knife or spatula) or femtosecond laser. Simple placement of the pigment in the tunnel with a spatula or micromanipulator.

The paste-like consistency of the pigment avoids corneal suturing.

The color and opacity of the pigment allows to correct both the visual functional problem (product opaque to light) and the aesthetic aspect of the iris.

The after-effects are very simple with practically no side effects.

This technique can be performed easily and on a sighted eye.

The price keratopigmentation Turkey is affordable, moreover, you will be operated on by the best surgeons.

Thanks to this procedure, the patient will be very satisfied.