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Glasgow is the main metropolis of Scotland and the third largest city in the UK behind London and Birmingham.

Often considered one of Scotland’s most breathtaking destinations, Glasgow is a city steeped in Celtic atmosphere, located in the mid-west of the country.

It is a highly urbanized city that has retained its centuries-old traditions. The daily life of this lively city is punctuated by numerous music festivals that take place throughout the year.

Undergoing a plastic surgery is a very important decision that must be considered and not taken lightly.

Plastic surgery Glasgow aims at improving the physical appearance of the patient and correcting his/her physical defects that may cause him/her psychological problems.

There are many aesthetic interventions performed in Glasgow such as : liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift Glasgow…

What is facelift ?

Facelift is a cosmetic intervention that consists in eliminating facial wrinkles for a youthful facial appearance.

It is a surgical procedure which main purpose is to correct the effects of aging and treat sagging skin on the face and neck. Over the years, the features of the face and neck become curved, giving the face a sad, aged and tired appearance. So the facelift intervenes to fill in wrinkles and restore harmony and volume to the face.

The price facelift Glasgow

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The operation

A first consultation is obligatory before your facelift Glasgow. This is an opportunity for your doctor to learn more about your expectations and needs. He will also examine your face as a whole and adapt his treatment to your morphology.

He will ask you questions about your medical history and ask you to do blood analysis so as to be sure you can undergo this operation.

Each surgeon has his or her own method for a facelift. Nevertheless, certain basic steps will always be performed to help the procedure run smoothly:

The surgeon makes incisions at your temples and then extends them along the face to form a “U” shape. These incisions are located as close as possible to the ears so as to be as invisible as possible.

Then, he removes the excess skin and redraws it.

Aftercare and recovery of facelift Glasgow

At the end of your facelift Glasgow, a pressure bandage is applied around your head and you will need to keep it on overnight at the clinic.

After the procedure, you will notice some swelling and bruising on your face. These will disappear on their own after a few days. You may also feel some pain, but this can be relieved by taking painkillers prescribed by your surgeon.

Facelift Glasgow : All the advantages

Undergoing your facelift in Glasgow has many advantages among them :

You will find there the best plastic surgeons : very competent, professional and experienced who will listen to all your expectations and advise you for an optimal result.

The clinics in Glasgow are very modern and very well equipped, you will spend a high quality medical stay.

After two to three months, the mirror already gives a good picture of what the final result will be. The face looks relaxed and refreshed.

The result must be visible while being discreet with well camouflaged scars, an intact earlobe, a harmonious repositioning of the skin without false folds

Facelift is an intervention that will allow you to have a youthful facial appearance which will make you feel satisfied and regain self confidence, you will notice a change and an improvement in your social and personal life.

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