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Liverpool is the third largest city in England and the fourth largest in the United Kingdom. Traditionally an industrial city, it is the second largest economic metropolis in the UK after London. It is also an important port city, a vocation it has had since Roman times.

The city of Liverpool has many tourist sites.

Visitors will mainly go to the Merseyside Albert Dock Museum, Tate Liverpool, the National Collection of Modern Art, the Beatles Museum, the Museum of Liverpool Life (a museum dedicated to Merseyside artists and soccer), the Walker Art Gallery and the Museum of Liverpool. Some sites such as the port, Cunard Building, Royal Liver Building and St George’s Hall are also worth seeing.

Having your plastic surgery in Liverpool has many benefits as this city has very modern clinics and competent surgeons who will make your operation a success.

Many plastic interventions are performed among them breast lift Liverpool.

What is breast lift Liverpool ?

Breast lift is a plastic intervention that aims at removing excess skin from the breasts to firm up sagging breasts.

It is for women whose breasts sag or whose areola is too low. This sagging of the breasts can be related to pregnancy, aging or weight variations.

Breast lift Liverpool price

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The techniques

There are three main breast lift techniques, it depends on the patient’s degree of breast sagging (this will be decided during the pre operative consultation with the surgeon according to your case) :

The areolar incision

The areolar and vertical incision that starts from the nipple and goes down to the fold of the breast.

The inverted T incision with a scar around the nipple up to the fold of the breast.

Some women take advantage of the operation to opt for breast implants in the case their breasts are not too voluminous.

The operation is realized under general anaesthesia and lasts about 2 hours.

After a correction of breast ptosis, it is necessary to wear a support bra for 1 month. The pain is moderate and relieved by taking traditional painkillers prescribed by your surgeon.

The scars

Depending on the degree of breast ptosis, the scars can vary depending on the case of each patient :

– Around the areola

– Around the areola and vertical

– Around the areola and in an inverted T shape.

All this will be discussed with the surgeon during the pre operative consultation.

It is important to note that your breast lift Liverpool will be realized after having done blood analysis and a mammography.

Breast lift Liverpool results

The results of breast lif Liverpool are visible immediately.

It takes 15 days for the swelling to disappear.

The breasts will regain their natural shape after 2 months.

This plastic intervention will allow the patient to have firm breasts which will make her feel more feminine, in harmony with herself and regain self confidence.

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